Bucs Win Over Arizona

Bucs win 30-27 !! BUCS WIN!!

Welcome Home Buccaneers, after a long 7 week road trip the Buccaneers finally get one back in Raymond James Stadium in front of the home crowd and gave the fans something to be excited about with a 4th Quarter comeback victory and ends the losing streak.

Ronald Jones II has another great showing as he did in last weeks OT loss in Seattle, rushing for 29 yards and getting a touchdown. Payton Barber rushed for 43 yards & getting the winning touchdown, Jameis Winston had a few big rushes to get the first downs and extend a few drives.

Jameis Winston has another good outing despite throwing 2 Interceptions, Winston looked much improved this week from his usual performances. 30/48, 358 passing yards, 1/2 on TD/INT ratio with a QBR 76.

Currently the Bucs will improve to 3-6 on the season and while the Bucs are 3 games under .500 they’re still very much at a point where they can save the season and attempt 6-9 win season is very much a possibility with how the Buccaneers are playing right now.

Whatever was mentioned in the locker room the last few weeks, I think the message is finally sinking in as the Bucs are not doing in previous seasons and just shooting theirselves in the foot.

We all got sucked into the hype of this new coaching system, most expected a flip of the record to 11-5, meanwhile others where just hoping to show improvement like the previous coaching staff from Lovie Smith slowly each year get a few more wins then the last.

At the end of the day, winning cures all. Enjoy this win Tampa Bay it’s well over due, Next week the Buccaneers will host to NFC South division leaders New Orleans Saints @ 1pm EST on FOX.

Can the Buccaneers continue this streak next week?

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Jonathan Miles

32. CEO of Team 813. Tampa Bay Native & life long fan for TB teams.

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