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Do you want to write for Team 813?

Excellent. We want to hear from you! Here’s how you can find our list along with answers to some questions you might have.

What do contributors do?

Typically, site contributors write at least twice a week on topics of their choosing, although alternative arrangements can be worked out with their site manager. Contributors may also potentially help with social media promotion, copy editing, or other site duties. See the specific job posting for details, or reach out to Jon Miles or Cecelia Metz

What do managers do?

In addition to writing regularly, site managers also recruit other writers, edit and schedule other pieces, and manage social media for the site. Site managers decide what gets published on the team sites, and will work with Team 813 management for training. More specific detailed duties can be found in their specific job description. This is a larger time commitment than site contributors.

Why should I write for Team 813?

There are lots of reasons! If you love Tampa Bay sports and love writing, Team 813 provides the best platform to engage with other fans and promote your work. It has the one of the up & coming publishing platform, a strong brand, and an amazing team.

Is their something I could do if I don’t want to write?

Yes. We’re looking for more then just those interested in contributing with articles about Rays, Bucs & Bolts content.

We’re looking for those who would like to use their skills in other areas but are not limited to the following.

  • Social Media Content
  • Graphic Design
  • Editing Audio/Video Content
  • Podcasting & Productions
  • Promotionals/Marketing
  • Site Manager

These are just to name to a few areas in which we’re looking to grow within the Tampa Bay community.

If any of this interests you don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Jonathan Miles

32. CEO of Team 813. Tampa Bay Native & life long fan for TB teams.

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