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Are you ready for some baseball?

It’s almost time for Spring Training to begin and Opening Day will be upon us very soon. 2019 was a great season for the Tampa Bay Rays. We’ve seen a little bit of everything: winning streaks, losing streaks, walkoffs, pitching duels, slugfests and October baseball.

Though the Rays made the postseason, a lot of fans couldn’t really be disappointed by the outcome of the season because it was a great one. The reason people are disappointed was  with how it ended and meanng we had to wait for February to see our team again.

The only thing we’ve heard since the season’s end was all of this talk about how Stu wants to move the Rays to Montreal for half of the season and won’t back down from that stance or how the Rays will forever be stuck in St.Pete at the Trop (which isn’t a bad thing), but for the fan’s sake a new stadium should make up for a lot of bad years in the Trop but we will save that story for another post.

2020 is here it’s a new decade and hopefully Tampa Bay will see October more in the 20’s then they did in the 00’s and 10’s. We’re going to preview what we think here at Team 813 to get excited about for our beloved Rays.

Major League Baseball released the entire 2020 regular season schedule, including our Rays so the predictions can officially begin before we face the Pittsburgh Pirates at home to begin the year. 

So we will have a little bit of fortune telling from our staff to get some early predictions for our Rays this year.


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2 thoughts on “Rays Roundtable

  1. Love Em or Meh Them, They Are Our Tampa Bay Rays!

    Stu runs the business end of things, and if he was adroit in running the Rays, he’d had made it known with no ambiguity, you want Major League Baseball in the Tampa Bay Area, start making your way to the Trop.!

    I’ve been a Season Ticket Holder for years now, sitting thru many lack luster seasons, and a few good ones! This talk of Montreal has me seriously questioning renewing my STH status at the end of this season. It’s time for the Rays Front Office to think out of the box generationally, by implementing a family seating section. Children under 12 attend free, first come first serve, tickets obtainable at the window day of game only. The Rays will get their additional income from the percentage of vendor sales and parking. Why not the upper seats are empty anyhow, and the Organization would be building a Dynasty of future fans for life.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The Rays need to have a leadership that will do whatever it takes to put a winning program on the field but at the same time will bring the fans to the ballpark and will get experience of a big league game. Personally I don’t think Stu can do that for the Rays.

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